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Created by Shantel Hobson on March 3, 2013
Im Ms Shantelheart looking for Financial givers who are willing to Sponsor me in Donations Gifting to continue on with music Im a singer Intrnl Recording artist:
Twitter handle:@SHANTELHEART1
FB: http://www.Facebook.com/SHANTELHEART
Im on this Mission to help open change into my community with giving back to teenagers kids who dont have clothing for school theres not enough giving more trashing judging commandments do it my way or highway ?
Ive seen some disappointing things only giving to profit for self rise hide that doing it. Im a singer i give back constantly through songs,live performances free& paid.Please open doors,open hearts to give,Donate to help me clothe the Community,school goers,give supplies in doantion by opening up stores in area to help parents teachers Educational Boards across the world by becoming a Sponsor myself.Also through my music to go to SHINE and become represented to deliver help others be touched,motivated,feel self encouragment through real music.As my family and close friends taught prayed asked of me I love touching others through only music please help me raise 5000.00 to carry out projects.



Business Card
electronic picture 
Shantelheart:stage name (Recording Artist)

Business Card
electronic picture
Shantelheart:stage name (Recording Artist)

-our funds will help cover the start-up costs, which include:

-my professionally designed logo up & coming soon still working alot of Project Ideas.

-signage for my booth

-a table, chair, and canopy
-charity donated please searching available
amp,mic stands,stereo system,lighting,power chords, or hired DJ for shows please see contact for more bottom more info

-display pieces for samples

-business cards, brochures, and order forms coming for other business venture,ordering products;etc.

-product (butter, spices, etc. to make the first few batches)
of served foods to chosen areas of community

-cooking time (I have to rent commercial kitchen space to make food for public sale)
-also working on other space rentals or volunteer spaces ;etc. for later usage of upcoming fashion runway;show,showcases,radio panels,
-licensing and initial farmer’s market fees
-church kitchens,live rv’s,grills;etc

-labels and packaging materials

A few sample flavors include:

-a breakfast butter for grits or scrambled eggs made with and bacon

-a sweet butter and croissants with cinnamon, white chocolate and raspberries

-a Egg yoke dipped seasoned Talapia Fish butter sweet hawiian wheat or white bread for sauteed vegetables and or seasoned some yummi- baked chicken with greek spices,fried lemon pepper creole seasoning batter.

-a steak butter ,baked potato ,sour cream,herbs,shredded cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes,bread slices,vegies,and cup fruit.

-a butter for crusty bread or dinner rolls with white beans, roasted garlic, sage and pink sea salt,fruits.

Help me get this bad mamma-jamma off the ground! I’m super Blessed,Excited to help change lives of people especially teens the hardest to please I ll take this challenge!

A side note: 5% of my profits annually will be donated to charity. Anyone who donates at least a dollar gets a vote on which charity(s) I chose.


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