Spending last days annoyed hometown Milwaukee,WI 2nd town. I grew up in I  Beloit Wisconsin

Im going to see travel soon I coudnt see past the clouds I never can but Instincts always asure me of them everytime and im thxful of it. Clearly I ll leave behind last final thoughts of Legacy where my bloodline last died on couch in living room of home and Im sick with feeling hurt discust and annoyed he was at child state of mind he lived a  long time tell you i enjoyed him. With hope theres point of carrying on ive been to edge in the worst ways i feel that im worth the fight im worth fighting for im worth the prayers im worthy of all greatest causes with honorable fairness we all are most dont understand the side of off folks who can turn around their lives good luck well im excited about my success ,change ,honor and loyaliness of great wellness not boasting but thanking Jesus showing you all ive experienced hardship to the fullest compasity aint no joke streets,homeless walking around no hotel money,knockin on door because mom sister etc got into a fight argument etc REAL DOWNSIDE BS! Yeap To Reality TV making me a Acting Actress, TALKSHOW SH!@#4 11 ? THE REAL Radio talk to Owning my own Journalism Milwaukee hometown ( Journalist Major Syndicated )Broadcasting LLC’s;Online Radio Spreaker radio THE SHANTELHEART SHOW SEGMENTS:

MIDDAYUPDATES;SWEETTALK,MOVIE CRITIC,FOOD CRITIC,MODEL AGENCY ~Southern~REGION,MERCH,MUSIC,RINGTONES,MUSIC LABELs,MUSIC PUBLISHINGs LLCs. Blogger Online,Blogger.com,Blogspot Google Keywords,Adviced by the Greatest Executives Industrys now collaborating with the Tops Awarded and Honored Gods opened the doors for me everyday Ive got a chance but something in the way so its not a grandmothers prayer for curse that will only just BACK FIRE!!!


 But a Opportunity that has to meet you when you’re conditioned to recieve it amen? HE JUST DID IT AMEN,You probablly missed it totally jumped over you’re head. Pulling towards good energy I need it so and its there with open arms ,so beautiful,You got the right 1# Dang on Going Hard for what I believe in. Stars bright id like to shine !!!!!!   Loving me some new Scenarys Ready Set GO Sheild your Identiy; Sheild from Inglewood,Countrywoods to Hollywood

HAte Talkin I like to Be Bout It No Limit Solider 


Thx For DroppingIn Bring More to click away comment follow and stay connected 1 & ONLY DONT U EVER FRGET IT ,CHECKOUT SPREAKER PODCAST THESHANTELHEARTSHOW

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