The Hopson Family is a real family group, father (Wash Sr), mother (Corine) and their four children Wash Jr, Rick, Nadine and Geraldine. The liner notes of the Jewelalbum states that Wash Sr and Corine started singing back in 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Five years later their four children joined the group. It was around that time (1968/1969) that they recorded their first 45s for SongBird as the Wash Hopson Singers. Wash Sr. had recorded before as a member of the Commandment Singers of Cincinnati, Ohio. They had a release on Finch.
At some time in this ten year period they must have moved into the Memphis Tennessee area, because on the back of their HSE album it’s written that the family was from Memphis but at the time of the recording of their HSE album residing in Rockford, Illinois.
The most peculiar thing about the Hopson Family is that, their Select-O-Hits and HSE recordings were issued under the name Hobson Family. Did they forget their own name? Or where their contractual obligations? Or was it just a misunderstanding?
It’s certainly one and the same family as the first names on the HSE and Jewel albums are identical and the Select-O-Hits 45s were later on re-issued on Jewel 45s or at their Jewel album.All songs on the Jewel album, the Luna 45 and the Select-O-Hits 45s were recorded at the Select-O-Sounds recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee and produced by Skip and John Phillips. The HSE album was recorded at Champ Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

  Wash Hopson Singers Songbird 1127 I Found The Road 1968
      Jesus Is Coming Soon  
  Wash Hopson Singers Songbird 1170 Jesus’ Got A Blessing 1969
      Rock In A Weary Land  
  Hobson Family Select-O-Hits 011 Hand Writing On The Wall 1970-73
      Put Your Hands In The Hand  
  Hobson Family Select-O-Hits 019 Everything’s Got To Be Free 1970-73
      Troublesome Waters  
  Hobson Family Select-O-Hits 021 You Better Mind 1970-73
      Jesus Is On His Mainline  
  Hopson Family Luna 803 Handwriting On The Wall 1972-73
      Put Your Hands In The Hand  
  Hopson Family Jewel 228 You Better Mind 1974
      Jesus Is On His Mainline  
  Hopson Family Jewel 250 There’s A Light Guiding Me 1976
      Little Bit Longer To Work For Jesus  




  Hopson Family Jewel LP 0092 On The Mainline 1974
  Hobson Family HSE LP 1508 The Hand Of God 1976-77



– John Glassburner

– Bob McGrath(ed): R&B Indies 

– Hayes & Laughton: The Gospel Discography



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