really what read a tuda

eNISED brand

feeling like something deeply new ,im feeling some type of way


followers,heelo ,goodbye ex ‘es ,hi old friends,no doesnt mean i wanna connect ,gezzz, welcome new bloggers, new horizons ,newiness ,restored from SONYA ‘S Dark side Ive shared my story snippet so many times but mind Absent .mind blown,mind poker,poker face ,bad staff hired paid even when they werent supposed to be paid ,stored away sercurity nice ,court appearence,Drama like talkshow sh!@#!

staged accidents staged dates staged brutality staged preplanned rape sessions thearpy sessions healing segments s ,made fun of,used,abused,scored,betrayed by trusted people, guilt flared, blog posts, always feels good to move on ,running seems like to thing to do but theres the challenge do i stay i was taught no go ,but ive come to learn fighting for worth ,cause with great reasons,waiting for sale ,ive learned that I have value of hearts moral description of depth love…

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feelin SomeType of way


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