feeling like something deeply new ,im feeling some type of way


followers,heelo ,goodbye ex ‘es ,hi old friends,no doesnt mean i wanna connect ,gezzz, welcome new bloggers, new horizons ,newiness ,restored from SONYA ‘S Dark side Ive shared my story snippet so many times but mind Absent .mind blown,mind poker,poker face ,bad staff hired paid even when they werent supposed to be paid ,stored away sercurity nice ,court appearence,Drama like talkshow sh!@#! 

staged accidents staged dates staged brutality staged preplanned rape sessions thearpy sessions healing segments s ,made fun of,used,abused,scored,betrayed by trusted people, guilt flared, blog posts, always feels good to move on ,running seems like to thing to do but theres the challenge do i stay i was taught no go ,but ive come to learn fighting for worth ,cause with great reasons,waiting for sale ,ive learned that I have value of hearts moral description of depth love which has been poison to my black secrect s ,to my broken soul from others self forced destruction on me on my life on my heart on my womb ,on my skin,lost spirits touch me for attention ,i dont help the dead,since ive come back ive channeled something ,ive become what the movie s write about ,hell my life is a movie,sitcom. Statements given against after been framed by ex supported by whore lover to harm me because lack control of my life ive channeled demons to attack me emotionally,physically,verbally,others paid sent in exchange trades to do dirty work, Stats supervised,cameras installed by fake matenance mens,stalkers ,made ,influcenced ,sucked into stalking me,id theft of life ,career ,businesses,how do you /I manage surviving suck brutal stalked life .career,job,real estates on out skirts of milwaukee wi ,roscoe ,il and etc cars truck clothings jewelry management insanity drug implant crooked cop s helping targeting me because of worth value obsessions dirty betrayl of realitives helping ex es evilness gratitude for those who fight for me love me give to me need /want to see me win /be happy well nice faboulous ordealbut the commitment inbetween is what i search the integrity the how when where why supported reasons so this only makes sense to leave me feeling some type of way. Aspired to fight for a love story a life story to enjoy live freely share Now you can see how someone can feel some kinda way.Search secrect services seek help seek diary seek submit for copyright seek seek seek new relationship seek new location seek reports to sercure freedom seek prayer seek clarity seek forgivness seek new job/career or revamp your career hire protection ,if obsessor has copied this to frame you record all activitys submit ,go to court trust most times Law will figure out truth if wrong side wins ,fight again in court until fair trail is served justice won sometimes life takes a turn and partys settle issues but do neccessary measures to get your life back as I am 











feelin SomeType of way


2 thoughts on “feelin SomeType of way

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