deadly confessions part recover :hell s Acitivty

April 1, 2014 at 4:29am


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A new Novel released soon …..`

heres a snippet


I had A Confession Session with realitives yesterday at Breakfast it was so much fun embarrasing relief disbelief even for myself mostly story so deep I need Oprah to help tell story but I d like to share even the strangest situations can heal overtime,even the wildest realtionships heal or desolve whuch is better to go away start new all things new as im doing ,feeling this newiness has brought more strength ,more confidence and im working on image slow process after while im gonna hit the gym get sexy back,Feels good that I can attend what I love to relief stress ,even ma fam discussed we need to relocate ,even realtives decided that what we ladies lack is GOOD HONEST LOVING and Ive gotta get prepared for this segment a looooogtime and Ive gotta be fit in shape and emtionally ready ,Ive exhaled but Im ready to step into a relationship Be Successful Protected and held in new arms that will hold me um I love Intimacy.







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