spreaker the-shantel-heart-show


spreaker the-shantel-heart-show

The Shantel Heart Show

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female songstress from across the UK.European Selling Impressive Reports never stepped foot in uk, born from US (Indiana,South Bend) Traveled since a child all over with family to survive.Sultry Smooth Vocalist skilled that have a slow & sexy Jazz/Blues,some sultry country ~edge sound,Acoustic guitar ,The hot jazz and funk of New Orleans,A sultry piece of musical exotica that sounds ,classic blends of Jazzy” vocals gospel, soul, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll Solo Artist • Musician • Singer • Songwriter ,Soul – ballads bringing a unique style and a unique style /pop star with a sultry, raspy voice reminiscent experience!!! She sings both background and lead vocals. … many styles Overall a fairly relaxed contemporary sophisticated a jazz edged number reminiscent of little delight audiences with their sultry vocals and emotionally resonant lyrics harmonic sophistication of real powerful emotional rollercoster true sounds and testiments of old classic ,Cultural,Creative, experiences of storytellings & Modern day blues again a voice reminiscent experience!!! .European Recording International Artist ShantelHeart.Lunches Radio Stations/Podcasts to showcase a voice lending a platform to ears across the globe warming and lighting up hearts to engage the live Experience of Ms. SHantel Hobson CEO Chairman ExECtv. Entrepreneur DJ HOstess.



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