Working on comic book Gangshia View segment written by shantel d. hobson entrepreneur

All the while resting laundry mad sad about  basement living when i own 2 estates everyone lives in it but me gang related actions forced me out of my houses cars right here in town beloit roscoe decatur milwaukee a woman like me whos been pushed litterly over the edge i have a reason to be pissed anger i was couple times pushed to near death ,to death,hospitalized ,thrown in a dumpster left for dead by inlaw,picked up by cousin and a frend of some sort .married my rappest,now with child ,built up a street team with them they threw me out of my career forcing me away brutally ,shooting at my management staff,blackmaling,drugging,beatings,obsession streaks,posined by my husband babymama common law wife,girlfriends 2 hospitalized me,jumped me with him,throwm out windows,drowned gasping for air twice tw differ times ,rapings gang related as a child,teen,woman,same guys,same group of disfunctional charaters ole cats who torture us young to steal life happiness away from us cause their lives were ruined i want justice and over years only justice ive gotten is death to they allow me to go home caus eof my talent im a profit bonus special project now they know im fighting again this time i didnt set court case then but now its on i dont care the length of time ive been homeless mistreated inpregnated had sexual relations purposly repeatlly with realitives sister brother mother father me then some perves have a nerve to say they love me ?


Working on com…


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