Natural Power Visions Concepts into Design ?



Story of the Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls)

Hello there. My name is Kate. I am the Founder and the Director of the Human Population Academy. I am going to tell you an interesting little story… So, pull up your comfy chairs, and join me here by the fire…

Let’s take a look at the history of our civilization from the relationships perspective! Let me tell you a story that started at the dawn of times of our civilization, when humans were not even advanced apes yet, but simply apes. The entire history has basic characteristics. Men, and I mean MALES, were bored! But, they were physically stronger then women.

Let me give you a typical example of courtship between a male and a female: the male would step forward with a grin, showing off rotten teeth, then he would cock his arm, signifying an interest and would smack a female over the head with a club. He then would drag the unconscious female into his cave for sex. Very romantic, don’t you think?!

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Natural Images  (Archetypes) For Design & Power

The Indigenous People of the Americas have widespread beliefs related to personal guardian spirits. Natives believe that for any success in life there must be protection by a supernatural power. And, in this, they are absolutely correct. The Natives deified guardian spirits since ancient times; and, as it turned out, not in vain because they are directly related to people, to their psyche. All the guardian spirits of the ancient Natives were part of nature. The Natives made animals, plants and so forth their totems, and not in vain, as they really gave people real power and real super abilities, made them powerful, invincible, were able to prevent diseases and heal, as well as “avert troubles.” Beliefs of the ancient Natives were true: kind guardian spirits exist. And, it has been discovered that the relation between natural images and the human psyche is much stronger than it is currently thought.

Scientists have found an ancient book, which is much older than the Bible and other sacred books. According to some researchers, it appeared in the 20th century BC. This book has been decrypted in the 80s of the 20th century in Russia by the researcher Andrey Davydov. It is nothing more than a description of 300 models of the human psyche, which are recorded by natural images. And, these images are very similar to those that ancient Natives worshiped. All these images are objects of nature: various plants and animals, luminaries like the sun and the moon, rivers, lakes, swamps, rocks, minerals, metals and so on. Among them there are deities, spirits, and chimeras.

Natural images of psyche (soul) cardinally differentiate one person from another, even though every person’s body is designed in the same way. They completely determine a person’s character, habits, life algorithms, preferences, likes, aspirations, desires, and any actions; in other words, by nature every human is original. Any person can get incredible strength and might, get healing, help from personal guardian spirits, which every person has. But, since people do not know their natural images, they are forced to invent artificial images or borrow them from culture, in order to have some kind of basis for existence and functioning. However, inventing artificial images is extremely harmful and dangerous, and also meaningless. Artificial images block human ability, and make a person worthless, weak, helpless, unlucky, and very unhappy. He suffers one defeat after another. They also make people primitive, alike, and unoriginal.

Any person can buy information about his/her natural image or images (because each person has not just one, but many, using the language of the ancient Natives, “guardian spirits”). Most of these images are unknown in this civilization. A person can purchase information about one of his/her images, and then go to any artist, a designer who will draw this image. Anyone can use this drawing as they please. For example: for an amulet,a  tattoo, interior design (paintings, posters, colors, household items, etc.), as well as for the design of clothes, hairstyles, jewelry, accessories, cars and so on.

To provide proof, here is an example of a personal guardian spirit: a Bird with a Dragon Head. You will not be able to find this image in modern civilization. Here is a drawing that an artist made based on the name of this image:

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