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    Economic Development’s regional project managers. Project managers helped 1,400 Georgia businesses expand in 2011 by assisting and facilitating:

    Site selection
    New or available buildings search
    Building layout and other industrial engineering services
    Workforce recruiting
    Labor training and retraining
    Existing business contact programs
    Export assistance
    International trade missions
    Export development strategies
    Existing business council start up
    Prospect package development
    Supplier attraction strategies
    Georgia tax credits and exemptions
    Freeport exemption on inventories
    Financing options
    Utility availability and costs

    Regional Services Map GEORGIA’S TWELVE REGIONS
    Project managers enable an existing business to expand into one of Georgia’s 12 regions by identifying growth opportunities, and then delivering critical business resources and connections to advance and monitor growth over the long term.
    Relocate a business to Georgia where 31 Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered, workforce training is fast and free, and businesses have direct, easy access to global markets. A booming, well-educated workforce, reasonably priced land, favorable taxes, and an advanced logistics and transportation infrastructure have convinced companies like Google, NCR, UPS, General Mills, Boeing and the Home Depot as well as thousands of international businesses to relocate or establish operations in Georgia.

    Businesses choose to relocate to Georgia for:

    Taxation. Georgia’s six percent corporate income tax rate applies only to the portion of income that is earned in Georgia. Plus, Georgia does not use the “Throw Back Rule.”
    Learn more about Georgia’s Tax Incentives ▶

    Workforce. Georgia is the top job market in the U.S. for attracting young, well-educated workers, and home of the nation’s top workforce training program.
    Discover why businesses relocate for Quick Start ▶

    Financial Assistance. Businesses wishing to relocate have a wide range of grants and loans available via specialized public programs that foster business development.
    View financial assistance opportunities ▶

    Business Partnerships. Georgia’s unique culture of private-public partnerships helps to accelerate industry growth and guarantee the strength of Georgia’s economy.
    Explore Georgia’s private-public partnerships ▶

    Available Sites. The Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) sites program is one reason Georgia ranks among the top five states nationwide for site selection.
    Browse available GRAD sites ▶

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