Everykey Wants To Put Your Passwords On Your Wrist



The password as a digital authenticator is under more strain than ever. But is the answer to memorizing multiple complex secure passwords to rely on proximity and a physical wristband for logging in to devices and websites? The U.S.-based makers of a device called Everykey believe so.

They’re currently Kickstarting their wearable, looking to raise $100,000 to turn a prototype Bluetooth-powered authentication wristband into shipping product by March next year.

They’re not the only ones eyeing up the security potential of wearables either, with Apple’s forthcoming Watch apparently relying on a biometric heart rate for authentication when using its NFC-powered Apple Pay function. And Toronto-based startup Nymi also working on a heart-wave sensing authentication wearable. (We saw a demo of their wristband back in April.)

Everykey is following a similar wearable route to Nymi, with a basic wristband that has a single security-focused purpose, but is not bothering with any biometrics, which does mean you’re putting your passwords in a single unsecured physical…

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