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VIP Rules & Privileges

There are three levels of VIP membership, and each level will enjoy different discounts. VIP level is determined by cumulative amount (Shipping fee is not included).

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Cumulative Amount 0.01 – 300$ 300 – 2000$ 2000$+
Discount 1% Off 3% Off 6% Off
Other Privileges Monthly 5$ VIP coupon Monthly 10$ VIP coupon Monthly 20$ VIP coupon

How to become a VIP?

No minimum consumption is required!

It’s all FREE!

Only two steps and you will get the VIP membership:

Step 1: Make an order successfully.

Step 2: Just enjoy VIP privileges when you purchase next time.

VIP membership Upgrade & Maintenance

1.The system will upgrade according to your cumulative amount(shipping fee is not included), and we will inform you your new VIP level by e-mail.

2.At least one order is required per year, or your VIP level will be downgraded to lower one. Two e-mails will be sent to you respectively one month and one week before the downgrade.

3.If unfortunately your level is downgraded, you can also enjoy the privileges of the lower level after the downgraded, we will inform you by email, and you can re-upgrade to your former level by making a new order.


1.VIP discounts are top priorities if there are other activities at enised and Pwrhousz estore

2.If refund is requested, the refunded amount will be deducted from the total cumulative amount.

Any questions, please feel free to contact our customer staff.





enised and Pwrhousz reserves all rights to judgment in the event of disputes under the VIP membership rules.


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